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I always loved to draw and color when I was a kid but my true passion started at the young age of 10. That’s when I picked up paper and pencil and started drawing clothes for hours. From that moment on my love affair with fashion began. I knew I would grow up and have a career in the fashion industry and that I did. And the journey to now begins.

I tested the waters by working for clothing retailers in high school and college. Yep, the itch was still there so I continued onto college, attending Fontbonne University, to earn a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising in the fall of 1998. Yeah, I did it; I got my degree in Fashion…now what? I always thought my path would be in clothes but life had different plans for me. It started with jewelry product development and ended with footwear. Thus starting my new love affair with shoes.

In 2004, I began my shoe career at Elan Polo International as an Assistant Line Builder and with a couple promotions later I worked my way up to Line Builder for Children's licensed footwear. I am involved in every step of the footwear development process from the initial steps of trend research, sample development to working with pricing, sourcing and quality control, travel overseas to ensure quality product and presenting product lines. I can say I truly love what I do. To see what was once an idea in my head end up on someone's feet is such an exciting feeling.

So here I am today in a career I love and a company I like but there’s something missing. Just like I knew what I wanted to do with my career, I also know that I want to move away from St. Louis and start a new adventure in life. Now all I need to do is find a company that needs a passionate, hard working product developer like me.
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